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Request a Parking Permit

Students may pick up parking permit before & after school and during lunch periods.
Parking Regulation Summary
  • A student parking permit is required to park at Pieper High School.
  • Parking permit applications must be made online prior to registration.
    You will need to provide: 
    • valid drivers license
    • license plate number
    • valid proof of auto insurance listing student as approved driver
    • $20 cash or check made payable to Pieper High School
  • Parking permits must hang in the rear view mirror & visible at all times.
  • Vehicles must be parked legally at all times, see Student Parking Map provided for Student Parking areas
  • Speed limit on campus is 10 mph.
  • All school rules apply while driving or parking on campus.  Driving to and parking at school is a privilege.
  • Vehicles parked on campus are under the jurisdiction of the school.  School officials may search any vehicle any time there is a reasonable suspicion to do so, with or without the student’s permission.
For repeated or severe infractions, parking privileges can be suspended or revoked
at Principal’s discretion without refund.
* The student has full responsibility for the contents of his/her vehicle and must make certain it is locked and the keys are not given to others. 
Parking Map
  1. Parking citations/tickets will ALL be $15 and a late fee of $5 will apply if not paid within 2 days.
  2. 1st reported driving violation will result in a verbal warning to student and parent.  Repeated violations will result in parking privilege being revoked for the remainder of the semester.
  3. Any vehicle, anywhere on campus, without a current year permit is subject to being booted.
  4. Parking in unauthorized areas or wrong permit color area.
  5. Not reporting to the school any accident or damage to another vehicle you’ve caused.  This includes leaving the scene of an accident.
  6. Loitering in the parking lots before, during and after school.  You are not allowed to go to your vehicle during lunch or any other time of the day without prior permission from the office and a pass.
  7. Speeding – Speed Limit on campus is 10 mph.
  8. Racing, dragging, revving engines, or other reckless driving.
  9. Students are not allowed to have people in the open, back or sideboards of a vehicle while the vehicle is in motion.
Vehicles with current tags:
  • 5 per violation; after 3 violations you are subject to boot lock ($30 fee) and/or school discipline.
Vehicles without current tags: 
  • Boot lock ($30 fee) plus required to buy a parking permit (total $50). 
Vehicles with repeated violations are subject to being towed at the owner's expense.